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While sewing projects for my own use is one of my many passions my main focus is offering long-arm free-motion quilting services to my customers.  If you are seeking someone to provide this service, you may reach me at cindy [at] inastitchquilting [dot] com for further information.

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Boomerang Cats!

About a month ago we sought out and found a new home for both our cats,

Mayor Tom
Mayor Tom
Jerry Blueberry

Both my husband and myself have schedules packed with obligations. After seven years of living with us the lack of personal contact seemed like it was taking a toll on the boys so we felt it necessary to seek a home that could provide more companionship. Tom and Jerry came to us as a “bonded” pair which meant if you bought one of them you had to buy the other one as well. This also meant that where one went the other would go.

About four weeks ago we found what we thought was a suitable home. The couple that took them were excited to fill a void recently left by the death of their dog. So I packed up their kennels, litter boxes, rugs and food and transported them to the mutually agreed upon location. Tearfully I made the exchange saying goodbye to my buddies for one last time, or so I thought.

I received a message from Tom & Jerry’s new caretakers expressing the desire to return the cats to my possession. For various reasons the arrangement was not working as they had thought. After trading several messages back and forth a meeting time and place were once again chosen.

My youngest daughter and granddaughter made the trip with me to retrieve Tom & Jerry. With very little fanfare the ownership of Tom and Jerry was once again transferred back into my hands. My daughter helped me load the boys and most of their belongings into the car and away we went. Before leaving the, now former owners, expressed their regret for the arrangement failing.

I had purged my home of everything related to the care of cats when Tom and Jerry had left so other than what they came home with I needed to fill in a few gaps. On our way back to my home I made a very brief stop at a local big box store to acquire the much-needed items. After returning to my car we drove the final leg of our journey.

Upon arriving at our destination I first carried each cat inside, then their belongings. After opening the doors to their carriers they both sauntered on out as if they had been gone for only a short time. Not even Sadie paid much attention to their return.

So…just as a boomerang returns back to the person that released it, so too have Tom and Jerry returned. I call them the boomerang cats!


Flower Pots and Butterflies

Very few of the projects I have been hired to quilt are kept by their creators. Most were made to be given away to family, friends, even charities. This particular quilt was made for a little girl.

The quilt itself was a collaborative effort between a husband and wife. The husband designed the embellishments while the wife assembled everything together. How special is that to have not only a hand-made quilt but one that was custom designed just for you.

The customer expressed no preference regarding the quilt stitch pattern and gave the green light to quilt over the embellishments. Not having to work around the applique made the process a bit easier. However, the fusible web attached to the back of the butterflies and pots was quite stiff. At times it took a bit of determination to coax my machine through the fabric.

Using a thread color called Goose I quilted an all over swirl pattern. Utilizing just one quilt stitch design made this project go very smoothly and relatively quick. Take a look.

Quilt Back

IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6350 IMG_6366 IMG_6368

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the entire quilt. All I have are a few of the featured blocks. I think these few segments provide a fairly comprehensive glimpse into the finished product. As you can see from the final photo the back of the quilt was done with a soft pink flannel. I’m certain the recipient of this quilt was more than thrilled with the soft texture provided by the quilts comfy backing.

Vital Statistics:

  • Quilt Dimensions – 61 1/5″ x 46 1/2″
  • Hours Spent Quilting – 3 1/2
  • Quilting Stitch Used – All Over Swirl
  • Number of Stitches Applied – 101,584
  • Thread Used – Omni Goose

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Canoe Ridge Mini Quilt

I follow a blog called Canoe Ridge Creations. Back in October of 2013 I joined her Fresh Mini Quilt Club. For a fee the participants received patterns for six quilts, one each month. I successfully finished the

IMG_0330Sea Breeze Mini Quilt

IMG_1502and the Sweet Tooth Mini Quilt

My Sweet Tooth Mini Quilt looks slightly different from the author’s original intention because I decided to take a bit of artistic license. Even though I made changes I still utilized the half square triangle pattern.

Third in line for the Canoe Ridge Creations mini quilt subscription was the quilt called Stix. Stix would be a wonderful quilt for a beginner to tackle because it is relatively simple to construct. The pattern calls for eight different fabric colors plus white. Of course any color combination can be used, which makes it a wonderful opportunity to show off your creativity.

I raided my stash for my fabrics. I chose nine different fat quarters. With relatively little effort I had my quilt assembled and loaded on my long arm quilt machine and in less than thirty minutes I had the quilting complete. A geometric meander was the quilting pattern I chose. Here’s my Stix mini quilt.

IMG_1505If you compare my finished project with the authors you will see that mine looks a smidge different from hers.. The author designed hers to be square. I wanted my mini quilt to be rectangular so I assembled it accordingly. So what do you think? Isn’t it just adorable.

Vital Statistics:

  • Finished Size = 18 1/2″ x 26″
  • Time Spent Quilting = 24 minutes
  • Number of Quilting Stitches = 11,283
  • Thread Used = Omni Medium Grey

If you are making plans to make your very own Canoe Ridge Creations mini quilts, keep in mind the mini quilt club is not currently active. You can, however, still purchase the patterns individually through their website.

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