In a Stitch Quilting

I watched my oldest daughter from the day she was born until now blossom into a beautiful woman, wonderful mother and wife as well as a highly intelligent, caring, creative individual. I am immensly proud of her and everything that she represents.

I was so surprised when she set aside space on her blog to honor me. What a wonderful expression of love.

Thank you Jenny for all that you do for me.

Under the Maple Canopy

Would you mind if I took a moment to shamelessly plug my mom?

I figured not.

I remember the first quilting class my mom took way back when.  She’d pack up her machine, fabrics, notions, and things and head downtown to the local MATC office where she learned the ins and outs of quilting.  It was like she caught a bug.  She had passion, and it showed.

It’s always been a hobby of hers, one that sometimes took a back seat to feeding her children and keeping us all on track.  She was a bookkeeper first and a quilter second.

Quilting, though, has always been the perfect fit as it utilizes her almost superhuman attention to detail (this quality was one that drove me nuts when I was growing up).  Growing up with my mom, everything was just so.  She’s got the eye for it.  Need to pick out colors…

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