13.1 Miles: We Were Triumphant!!

My first 13.1 mile race

How does one describe their first half marathon running experience?  In one word I would say,


In spite of the heat and humidity . . . We did it!  We did it!  We did it!  I had a fabulous time.  What an experience.  Aside from concentrating on the obvious, putting one foot in front of the other, I tried to absorb the sights, the sounds, and the people.  It was so neat having the otherwise very busy streets and pathways dedicated to the runners.  Seeing all the police officers, fire fighters, oodles and oodles of volunteers as well as thousand of well-wishers making sure we were safe, well hydrated, nourished and encouraged was fantastic.  Each one of them helped make our experience one that we will never forget.  We did our very best to thank as many people as possible for their assistance.  Without them I’m sure our outcome would have been much different.

The buzz amongst our friends and relatives, that ran with us, was not only about the race we had just completed, also included were the dates of future half marathons that deserved attention.  If you were to gauge our overall feeling, of the adventure, by the number of future half marathons that have suddenly been dropped onto our calendars, I would say that this event would rank 100 on a scale of 10.

If would not be fair to claim victory without mentioning the people who helped make our experience successful.  Thanks to All Season Runner, Kitty Clark Cole, Bruce Thoms, Steve Hovland, Tawnya Hagen and everyone else that assisted us along the way.  We were able to successfully train for and complete our very first 13.1 half marathon because of them.  You all were awesome!  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

All Season Runner Store in Janesville, WI
All Season Runner Store in Janesville, WI

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