Another Windy Day

I just took a break for a bit of nourishment while working on my Heart & Home Quilt  from Heart To Hand.  I was getting hungry so I thought I would grab a banana to satisfy my hunger.  As I snapped the banana from the small bunch I glanced out my kitchen window.  Once again the trees in my backyard are briskly swaying in the wind.  So often we are bombarded by stately breezes.  We often joke that we must be living in a wind tunnel.  I have loads of plants waiting for me to sink their toes into my gardens but I just can’t bring myself to go outside and brave not only the gusty winds but also the cool temperatures.  My husband would say the temp is just right.  I couldn’t possibly agree because I have multiple layers on and I am still cold.  Oh well, I guess it’s back to work.

3 thoughts on “Another Windy Day

  1. I was just commenting to my other half as we were getting ready for bed that I may consider turning on the furnace tomorrow as I don’t think we picked enough sunshine here today…and I just had the ac on this past weekend. At least it’s warm in your sewing room!

    Thanks for letting us “borrow” your wind today. I found alternate plans for an anemometer that skips the paper plate so we may just have to trek out your way again!

    1. Please do test our wind again. I thought the whole experience was hilarious. I think us adults did a way better job at applying ourselves to the experiment than the little people did. 🙂

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