Sausalito Tote Bag

There are so many projects to share but so little time.  Pondering all of my options took a great deal of thought but the item that kept coming to mind is the Sausalito bag from A Quilter’s Dream.  I recently took a class at Loose Threads in Milton, Wisconsin.  At the end of the day this is what I proudly came home with.  Choosing the fabrics and constructing the project were purely a joy.  This bag has become my favorite tote.  Inside I have notebooks for jotting down important information, one or more folders with important documents, fliers from local quilt stores as well as anything else I might need during my excursion.  I like my bag so much that it travels with me every time I head to a shop, a meeting or anywhere else associated with my business.  Check out the pattern.  You too just might get hooked.

Still waiting on the side lines for my attention is this adorable Chelsea Tote from Lazy Girl Designs

Chelsea Tote by Lazy Girl Designs

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