Colorado is Coming Home

Freckle Face

Twice a year I wait in anticipation for the airplane to land.  It’s the airplane that carries my middle daughter back home to Wisconsin.  The visits, although only for a short time, are filled with long and often late night conversations, endless shopping, as well as party after party.  We make a vow every time she returns to Colorado to make the next visit a quiet one.  My best intentions are to honor her request but I just can’t help myself.  Part of my heart leaves when she turns and waves goodbye.  So, when she once again steps onto cheese head territory, my heart sails into hyperdrive and I just can’t help myself.

Just as with every other visit, she is unaware of the plans I have been making.  I’ve been systematically filling up her schedule with loads of activities.  My philosophy is that she can rest when she is in Colorado.  Until then, “Let the party begin.”  On the agenda so far:

  • A visit to a local quilting shop to purchase backing fabric for three quilts.
  • Planting flowers at our local botanical garden, as well as taking photo after photo.
  • Photographing “Freckle Face.”  I have gorgeous lilies in my garden which my daughter fondly refers to as “Freckle Face.”  Every year she waits for them to bloom during her visit.  There have been visits when they’ve made it just under the wire.  I was afraid that this year they would be missed.  Everything here is six weeks ahead.  Fortunately she’s in luck because they are just beginning to show their adorable faces.
  • Fishing with our 3 grandchildren.  My husband says that he might not put worms on the hooks.  That way he won’t have to remove fish.  LOL!  Think again Buppa!
  • Birthday party for a three-year old.
  • Celebration to commemorate the completion of our recent half marathon.
  • Tour a local flower grower.
  • Quilting Shop Hop.
  • Celebrate her 30 something birthday (if you’re lucky maybe you will be invited).
  • Work on her king size quilt, a purse and a project she is bringing with her.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Does that sound like too much?  Well, so what if it does!  Once her feet are firmly planted on home soil we’re going to hit the ground running, and running and running . . .  Look out world, here we come!

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