My Sewing Room (Part 1)

WIP Wednesday

I know this isn’t a photo of a project but it is a small segment of my sewing room.  My sewing room has been moved from one location to another since moving in our home seven years ago.  Originally it resided in an upstairs bedroom.  The view of our neighborhood, from the wall of windows, was magnificent.  The scenery provided many hours of inspirational day dreaming.

The cabinet that you see was one that I purchased from Michaels.  It was one of those that needed “some assembly.”  I remember finding it on sale and being so excited to purchase and take it home.  Once assembled and hanging on my wall I began the process of deciding which items would be displayed on its shelves.  Going through the process I felt as if I were creating a painting.  One that would reflect my favorite colors, textures and collections.  Of course there were far too many candidates for the positions so I had to painstakingly go through a process of elimination.  When my display was completed I was quite pleased.

Suspended in the right upper corner you will notice a grouping of dried herbs.  These herbs were harvested from my garden.  Rather than tuck them away in jars for future tea parties I chose to hang a string from one side of my room to the other.  Using clothes pins from my vintage clothes pin bag I carefully tied together and hung groupings of my various herbs.  The vision as well as the aroma provided a wonderful addition to my space.

Since time doesn’t stand still and nothing stays the same my very special room soon had to be relocated.  You see my daughter from Colorado was getting married and we needed a guest room for her and her new hubby to stay.  One by one I packed up the various trinkets, accessories, books and furniture and prepared to move them to their new location.

The new destination for my sewing room was the then not-so-formal dining room.  I had always thought it would be neat to have a special room set aside like the fancy people do.  You know, the room that dinner parties are hosted in as well as family celebrations and holidays.  I filled it with a round oak table I purchased from the Elkhorn Flea Market; five mismatched chairs, also from the Elkhorn Flea Market; and a chest of drawers, which I might add use to be my husband’s dresser.  To complete the whole theme, of the not-so-formal dining room, I even preset the table with fancy placemats, dishes, and even napkins.  The image created by my creation was very appealing but definitely not practical.  I spent more time dusting the whole menagerie than we actually did using them.

Now that my sewing room needed a new home the whole not-so-formal thing had to go.  Not surprising to my husband, I packed up the dining room and moved it to the family room in our basement.  There it would find a new home and a new use.  The not-so-formal dining room idea was dead.  The dishes and everything else associated with them were hidden away in cupboards.  The dresser remained a storage compartment for my table linens and candles.  The table and chairs were carefully placed in a corner.  There they would sit collecting dust.

The new home for my sewing room is every bit as glorious as the former location.  This room is on our first floor.  It’s located just to the right of our front door.  To enter you must open two french doors.  As you walk in you will see to your right a row of three huge windows.  If you linger a moment and gaze outside you will be greeted by our front porch, complete with a cedar rocking bench, and a beautiful oasis of greenery.  If it’s warm enough to have the windows open you may hear the melodious songs of mom and dad robin as they tend to their four babies.  If you look carefully you can see the nest that they craftily hid in amongst my gorgeous climbing clematis.

I am thoroughly pleased with my new environment.  Many, many projects have been started and completed in this room.  Perhaps I will share more details of my sewing room in future posts.  Until then…  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful day!


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