From Wisconsin to Colorado

Last Saturday we took our Colorado daughter to the airport. I hate saying goodbye.  It breaks my heart every single time.  We had a fabulous time visiting with her during her 16 day visit.  Very little grass grew under our feet.  If you remember my post titled Colorado is Coming Home then you will recall I had a “To Do” list as long as my arm scheduled for my Colorado daughter’s visit.  I am proud to say we experienced each and every one of those adventures.  Nothing was left undone.  Of course many others were added.

My Colorado daughter and husband sunbathing at our local botanical gardens

Plans are already being made for our visit to Colorado later this year.  This time our trip will be made via automobile.  We are bypassing air travel since we will be moving the last of our Colorado daughter’s belongings from our home to hers.  Once her treasures are loaded and delivered it will mean the only items left in our basement will be our own.  It has been a long slow transition.  The process started with our own wedding and continued through the birth of and weddings for our three living daughters.  From start to finish it has spanned thirty-five years.  Our trip to Colorado this fall will be the final step in the letting go process.

I look forward to seeing my Colorado daughter once again even if it means she’s officially not moving back to Wisconsin.  🙁  You see, I secretly held hope that by retaining some of her belongings she might be tempted to return home once again, permanently.  Since that is not the case I will have to let my dream go and get on with my new adventure.  I feel truly blessed for the 16 days we shared together.

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