Living in a Day of Extremes!

All around our country communities are enduring the wrath of 2012’s extreme weather from absurd amounts of rain in northern Florida to drought and wildfires in Montana, Colorado, Utah and Arizona.  Even our own geographical area has experienced its own set of bazaar weather.  In March temperatures reached into the upper 70’s.  The unusually warm weather, although wonderful for us humans, fooled plants and trees into emerging from dormancy.  Buds were springing forth all over.  We held our breath hoping that the tender buds would somehow be spared from the inevitable return of frost.  No amount of hoping could keep the freezing temps away.  The frost killed buds on our trees and flowers and destroyed the majority of the strawberry blossoms.

In Door County Wisconsin the cherry blossoms were severely damaged by killing frosts.  Door County is well-known for their cherry production.  Unfortunately this year they will not be able to share their delicious morsels with places outside of their county.  To enjoy a taste of their juicy berries you will have to travel to Door County and experience them for yourself.  They intend to keep their cherries for the local residents and the tourists that invariably visit this summer.

At the top of my list of concerns is the wildfire in Colorado Springs.  Just two short weeks ago my Colorado daughter ended her visit with us and returned home to Colorado Springs.  Now her community has an untamed wildfire knocking at its door.  We trade text messages throughout the day sharing details about the conditions in her vicinity.  Last night she said the horizon outside her home glowed orange from the fire.

As of this moment my daughter’s home is not in the line of fire.  However, they are making emergency plans in the event they are told to evacuate.  Already she has gathered the items that are very important or have special meaning.  I pray that she continues to remain safe and that the fire fighters are able to take control of the burning inferno.

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