I’m Very Sad!

Tonight I was scheduled to run alongside my husband in the Sundown Dash in Janesville.  One year ago Gary and I both ran this race.  It was our inaugural race.  Just as with last year the outside temperature is forecast to reach into the upper 90’s with a threat for severe weather.  Last year I was in great health and Gary was suffering with a hernia.  Being the trooper he is, he refused to sit out the race.  He absolutely insisted that he participate.  Both of us successfully completed our races with time to spare before the storm hit.  Gary’s injury progressed and eventually prohibited him from running, with me, in the Door County 5K in Fish Creek last September.  I was sad to see him in such pain and sad to not have him by my side.  Now the tables have turned.  I’m the one nursing an injury.

Several weeks ago I injured myself attempting to run a very notorious hill.  It’s the hill often referred to as “Hilda.”  Nobody should run this hill.  The hill is incredibly steep and long.  I made one successful round-trip on the hill.  My second run up “Hilda” brought me to my knees.  I experienced pain reaching down both of my calves and into my feet.  The pain was so intense it made my legs and feet feel like they would give out.  I struggled to the top at a very slow, snail’s pace.  As soon as I got within eyesight of my husband I dropped to the ground and called out to him.  He joined me at my side to render aid.  The only solution I knew was for him to fetch our car and take me home.  I left feeling defeated.  Two more attempts were made to run, one in my neighborhood and one while on vacation.  After only a half mile of running, in both instances, my pain returned.

After arriving home I made numerous attempts at relieving my pain.  My first objective was to try to sooth the pain in my legs by rolling them with our Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller.  The pain in my calves was so intense I had to postpone the therapy.  Knowing that ice and an NSAID were my next best remedy I hauled out our well used ice packs, two terry cloth towels, a glass of water and a bottle of NSAID’s.  Carefully I selected one tablet from the child-proof bottle.  After replacing the cap I swallowed the tablet along with several gulps of water.  Next I found a comfy place to relax, wrapped the ice packs in the terry cloth towels, placed the ice pack bundles under my calves and tried my best to relax and wait for my remedy to take effect.  After more than an hour the pain had subsided enough to free up my mobility.  Once again I tried to sooth my muscles with the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller.  This time, instead of intense pain, I felt an “oh so good” discomfort.  You know the feeling.  The kind that helps to relax your muscles.

Obviously this was a short-term solution.  Something more serious had to happen to overcome this disability.  My next plan of attack was a visit to my favorite running shoe store All Season Runner.  Carried along with me were both pairs of my running shoes.  The oldest pair, the ones purchased last October while visiting our daughter in Colorado, were the shoes up for closest scrutiny.  Tawnya Hagen, the owner of All Season Runner, examined my shoes.  Her expert analysis brought about the conclusion that my shoes were beyond their life expectancy.  I kind of knew that’s what she would say because before going to the store I had flipped the shoes over to look at the soles.  With my limited knowledge I had a hunch I had probably ran every possible mile off those treads.

Tawnya carefully analyzed my feet and pulled a couple of shoes from her stock.  I tried on both pairs and together the two of us chose the pair best suited for me.  I left the store that day with specific instructions to try the shoes one time.  If they didn’t immediately make a difference I was to return to the store with the shoes for another fitting.

I tried the shoes while we were on vacation but again after only a half mile my symptoms returned.  The shoes, although they did not solve my problem, were very comfortable on my feet.  Messages were traded back and forth with Tawnya via Facebook.  She made several more recommendations all of which I have not been able to try because I can’t run yet.

Next on my arsenal list was an appointment with a medical professional.  Tests were done to determine my blood chemistry to see if deficits might be the trigger.  All of the pertinent tests came back negative.

My third solution was a massage.  Every other month I go for a full body massage at Namaste Today Yoga and Wellness.  Aly is my massage therapist.  On July 23rd Aly carefully worked my muscles.  Her findings pointed to issues with the muscles in my lower legs, especially my right leg.  She works closely with Matt at Petry Chiropractic and Wellness.  Aly recommended I seek treatment with Matt.  In advance of my appointment Aly said she would consult with Matt and relay her findings.  The massage, as always, was wonderful.  It did bring about relief but still it was no magic pill.

I took Aly’s advice and made an appointment with Matt.  I went for that visit this morning.  Matt carefully examined my entire skeletal system.  Joint by joint he made an assessment and treated as needed.  By the time we were finished he had realigned numerous parts of my body.  Matt also provided instruction on a regimen of stretches to add to my cool-down routine.

This all brings me to the real reason why I sat down to write this post.  Before parting company with Matt I asked him about competing in tonight’s 5K race.  Matt’s recommendation was to NOT run the race tonight, go ahead and run my regular distance tomorrow and then come back on Friday, with my shoes.  At that time we would discuss the Thursday night run and re-examine my joints to see how they adapted to their new alignment.

I was greatly saddened at his suggestion.  This would mean the shoe would be on the other foot.  Instead of my husband being injured and sitting out a race I was going to be in his shoes.  The thought of not participating and not being alongside my husband brought tears to my eyes.  We are buddies.  We do almost everything together.

In consolation I am thankful that my husband is well and physically fit to run his race.  I am also thankful that I can greet him at the finish line as he so often did for me last year.  I will proudly stand at the end and welcome him back from a well run race.  Aside from that, all I can hope for is a solution to be found for my injury quickly so that I can once again run along my husband’s side.  Partners in craziness!

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  1. I hope there is a solution soon so that you can return to running. I can’t even imagine the pain that you’re in! Still, you’ve accomplished so much in the last year that I think “Happy Runniversary!” is still in order. :0)

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