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July has been an absolutely crazy month.  Between the 4th of July, vacation as well as a weekend family camping trip we’ve hardly had a chance to breathe.  With the lack of disposable time I’ve gotten ZERO  opportunities to sew, let alone operate my long arm quilting machine.  I am experiencing serious withdrawal pains.  That is until today.  I got to escape from the four walls of my home with my very dear friend Lori Haldeman.  Releasing the two of us from our daily routines can be dangerous.  We can do serious damage to our checkbooks when we get together.

On our list of things to do was a trip to Acorn Quilts, Quilter’s General Store, and Barnes and Noble.  Since no ladies get together would be complete with out a luscious cup of coffee from Starbucks we, of course, added a side trip to Starbucks.  Once our cups were safely stowed in Lori’s van we put the pedal to the metal and headed south to Rockford, Illinois.

The logical beginning via point was Acorn Quilts.  The main purpose of our visit was retrieval of row three’s pattern and wool fabrics for our Heart and Home Quilt by Heart to Hand.  I’m so thrilled with the fabrics.  Take a look . . .  Getting out of Acorn Quilts without exploring every wall, shelf and basket was not going to happen.  Lori and I initially split off and headed in separate directions.  Eventually we migrated back together sharing oo’s and ah’s as we admired the awesome displays.  After sharing a bit of conversation with the shop owner we managed to exit with numerous treasures.

I left Acorn Quilts with this adorable little pattern.  I guess I’m a sucker for penny matts with little chickens.

as well as this postcard pattern

Last but not least I found this sweet bundle of fabric in the clearance basket.

Finding just the right project for these fabulous colors will be a pure joy.

From Acorn Quilts we continued further south to Barnes and Noble.  Lori had dreams of finding an all-in-one day planner suitable for organizing her menus, grocery lists, schedules for her two daughters, husband and herself.  Also on her list was a book for her daughters’ entertainment.  We were so thrilled to find suitable options for all of her needs.  Lucky for me the day planner she chose really caught my eye too.  Because I am an organizational freak I just knew it would be a wonderful addition to my daily arsenal.  We left Barnes and Noble with BIG smiles on our faces.

Quilter’s General Store was not originally on our itinerary but since it was almost across the street, from Barnes and Noble, we couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity.  Quilter’s General Store had recently changed ownership.  A new owner usually means changes are in store.  Driving up to the front of the restored older home we were surprised to find no cars in the parking lot.  Lori and I were concerned that perhaps the shop was not open.  As we drew closer we could see the “Open” sign.  With the parking lot completely empty is was no problem locating a place to park.

In no time we were walking up the sidewalk and turning the vintage knob.  The door swung open with ease.  Immediately we were greeted by the new shop owner.  We had a pleasant, but brief conversation then began our tour.  Quilter’s General Store had bolt after bolt of wonderful fabrics. I chose to select one piece of red wool as well as a pattern for a small table topper.  Adding these two items to my day’s purchases brought me to my limit.  I had no interest in spending additional funds.

We left Quilter’s General Store with smiles on our faces and the feeling of satisfaction with our treasures as well as the moments of friendship we were allowed to share.  I really, really enjoy each and every moment I’m allowed to spend with Lori.  This day was a blessing.

There you have it.  Although I’ve made absolutely no progress on my projects I certainly had a wonderful time adding new ones to my list of things to do.

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