Colorado Quilt is Finished

“I’m so excited that I just can’t hide it”. . .

Hide what you might ask?  Since January, of this year, I have been making a king size quilt for my Colorado daughter.  Many, many hours have been invested in its outcome.  After toiling over the construction and assembly of 100+ blocks, applying the borders, loading it on my long arm quilt machine, free motion quilting it, attaching and securing the binding . . . I am so very proud and pleased to say . . . it is Finished!!  Although its been a very long journey, I’ve loved pouring my heart into this beautiful creation.  The pattern was taken from Karla Alexander’s book Color Shuffle.  All of the fabric was purchased from Life’s A Stitch Quilt Shoppe  in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Let me share a few photos with you.

In the beginning . . .

It all began here . . . 100+ blocks awaiting assembly

The Quilt Top Before Quilting

This is the quilt top as it appeared after assembling 100+ squares and borders
The quilt sandwich awaiting its quilting stitches
A view of the meandering from the back side of the quilt
Another section of the backing after it was quilted
The quilt top draped over the quilting bars on my long arm quilting machine
It took 354 pins to secure the quilt top and back to the rollers of my long arm quilt machine. This view was taken just before removing the pins and the quilt from the machine.
Pins awaiting removal

I am just as pleased with the outcome of the quilt top as I am of the backing.  The back was assembled from left over blocks as well as fabric.  I think my daughter will be able to display the quilt on her bed from either side.

This is a sample of the meandering as it appears on the back side of the quilt
Another view of the quilt back

All finished, the quilt measures 113″ x 113.5″ and weighs 9.2 pounds.  If only I had kept track of the number of hours, yards of fabric and miles of thread used to put it together.  What an interesting bit of information that would have been.  Then again, maybe I wouldn’t want to know.  Any way, it was a labor of love for me and I will be so proud to see it displayed on my daughter’s bed when I hand deliver it to her in Colorado this fall.  I’m also certain that, since this quilt has been so much a part of my life the last nine months, I will truly miss seeing it every day.  I guess I will have to revisit this blog post and admire the pictures when ever I get lonely.

So what do you think?

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