Dust Bunnies Galore

Is you house or apartment squeaky clean?  Miriam-Webster defines squeaky clean as:  “completely clean.”  Well that would never describe my house!  Know how I can tell . . . other than the obvious reason, I just saw dust bunnies floating across my kitchen floor.  Who in the world invited them to my house?  I certainly didn’t.  I have better things to do than chasing them all over the house.  I know they will be there when I come back so why not let them be.  Years ago this would have driven me absolutely insane.  Now I hope for a strong breeze to blow them all away.  Mind you if I told my daughters my house is a mess they would say I am crazy. So my definition of messy and theirs is a wee bit different.  Either way I am content to ignore the dust and continue sewing.  Sewing is way more fun!

Here’s to a day filled with anything but cleaning.

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