Multiple Choice: What would you do?

I can completely understand.  I’ve been a victim of number three. I’ve been trying to make a connection at one of our local quilt guilds. So far I am treated like the elephant in the room. Nobody, absolutely nobody has reached out to me. The only person that has struck up a conversation is the friend I brought with me last week.  She only came because I had been encouraging her to join me.  Much to my surprise she came on a night when a $5.00 mandatory donation was collected.  Neither one of us had any idea there would be one collected.  Thankfully I had my checkbook with.  I willingly paid for my friend’s admission.  Being as it was her first ever time attending I would think the guild would have waived the fee.  After all they have more than $15,000 in their treasury between their checkbook and cd.

Most of the women at the guild are older than I am.  Their taste in quilting doesn’t quite match with mine but I was hoping to make a local connection to meet some friends.  So far that seems out of the question.  Against my better judgement I paid my $20 and joined the organization.  I will have to see how the year goes and whether I want to renew my membership next September.  Hopefully things will improve.  Of course since my status is currently at the bottom there’s no place to go but up, right!

BTW, I have plans to visit a Modern Quilt Guild in another city this coming week.  I have high expectations.  I will keep you posted on the outcome.

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