Multiple Choice: What would you do?

I can completely understand.  I’ve been a victim of number three. I’ve been trying to make a connection at one of our local quilt guilds. So far I am treated like the elephant in the room. Nobody, absolutely nobody has reached out to me. The only person that has struck up a conversation is the friend I brought with me last week.  She only came because I had been encouraging her to join me.  Much to my surprise she came on a night when a $5.00 mandatory donation was collected.  Neither one of us had any idea there would be one collected.  Thankfully I had my checkbook with.  I willingly paid for my friend’s admission.  Being as it was her first ever time attending I would think the guild would have waived the fee.  After all they have more than $15,000 in their treasury between their checkbook and cd.

Most of the women at the guild are older than I am.  Their taste in quilting doesn’t quite match with mine but I was hoping to make a local connection to meet some friends.  So far that seems out of the question.  Against my better judgement I paid my $20 and joined the organization.  I will have to see how the year goes and whether I want to renew my membership next September.  Hopefully things will improve.  Of course since my status is currently at the bottom there’s no place to go but up, right!

BTW, I have plans to visit a Modern Quilt Guild in another city this coming week.  I have high expectations.  I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Under the Maple Canopy

I don’t really read women’s magazines, but I did read a teen magazine or two in my day.  I remember these quizzes where you were given a situation and you had to pick one of the responses.  At the end you’d add up all the As, the Bs, the Cs, etc and then the magazine would pronounce you some sort of something (a good friend, the perfect girlfriend, and on).  This is going to be kind of like that, except there’s only one question and a few answers.

Have that picture in mind?

Fantastic…read on.

The Situation

So, imagine, if you will, that you have this talent and you’ve been working at it for quite awhile.  You’re passionate about your talent – so much so that you joined up with other people who are just as passionate about your talent as you are.  It’s a social club in part because…

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