You Are Cordially Invited

September 24, 2012

I had the wonderful privilege of being invited to a very special tea party.  My granddaughter Miss L planned and extended an invitation to attend her very first official tea party.

I was, of course, extremely honored and over-joyed to accept the invitation.  The gala event was held at the home of her parents.  Immediately I added the event to my calendar making sure I did not have a conflict.

As the sun peeked over the horizon, my phone sounded an alert reminding me today was the day for Miss L’s anxiously awaited tea party.  I arose early to make sure I had enough time to get not only my self ready but also my little buddy Sadie.  Although Sadie was not invited that didn’t mean I would overlook her morning routine.

By 8:40 a.m. I had put Sadie in her kennel, slipped on a pair of shoes, a warm jacket to protect me from the chilly morning temperature, grabbed my purse and walked out the door.  In no time I was headed to my much-anticipated tea party.  The journey to my grandchildrens’ house is not at all long since they live only six miles from my home.  Even though the route is brief I used the minutes to listen to soothing classical music.  The sounds of the notes, as they drifted past my ears, brought a smile to my face and a sense of peace to my heart.  This feeling of peace set the perfect tone for the special occasion.

In no time I was turning in the direction of Miss L’s home and approaching her driveway.  Before leaving my vehicle I made certain I secured the lock in my door.  I walked toward their front door and ascended the front steps.  I removed my hand from my pocket and reached my right index finger toward the doorbell.  One tap on the button was all it took.  I could hear the doorbell ring and the hurried footsteps of children as they raced across the hardwood floor.  Next came the familiar sound of the door lock being turned.  With assistance from mommy the lock was released and the front door was swept open.

I was greeted by two little girls with smiles that spread from ear to ear.  Without haste they ushered me in.  As I entered, the aroma of freshly baked bread and warm tea danced about my nose.  The aroma filled my senses sending a feeling of warmth throughout my body.  Miss L and her little sister Miss M led me to the kitchen.

The table was covered with a pretty blue tablecloth, and carefully placed, beautiful green plates,

delicate cloth napkins with hand embroidered flowers, an array of tea cups and saucers,

two pots filled with steaming hot tea,

two candle holders displaying recently lit pillars as well as a plate generously layered with freshly made orange and cranberry bread.

In attendance was Miss L’s mom and dad, her sister Miss M and myself.  We all had assigned seating.  Mine was right next to Miss L.  We took our places and waited for the tea to be poured.  Two flavors of tea were available, Earl Grey and Bengal Spice.  Miss L and I chose Bengal Spice.  I helped myself to a slice of the delicious bread then carefully raised my cup.  As it reached my nose I felt the warmth of the steam as it billowed above my cup.  With caution, I took my first sip.  The piping hot liquid immediately awakened my taste buds with the pleasant flavor of cinnamon.  I felt the warmth of the tea as it slid down my throat and into my tummy.  The tea was a bit warm for Miss L and Miss M so an ice-cube was sent floating in their respective cups.

All five of us leisurely enjoyed our tea as well as the wonderful cranberry and orange bread.  Some chose to stop at just one cup of tea while others indulged in multiple refills.  By the time the party was over all of the slices of bread had been consumed and not much of the tea was left.

After excusing ourselves from the table the girls and I retired to the front room.  There we made ourselves comfortable on the floor with Miss L on my left and Miss M on my right.  The girls were entertained as I read aloud multiple books.  When the last one was finished it was time to say goodbye.

Hugs and kisses were shared as plans were discussed for future tea parties.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Miss L’s tea party and I look forward to the next one.  Perhaps that one will be at my home.

Thank you Miss L and Miss M for a wonderful time!

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