What A Riot!!!!

September 26, 2012

How does one visit a fabric store, purchase nothing from the store yet walk out owing $95?  It’s actually quite easy, let me explain.

My daughter has been sewing on and off for several years. Her passion for quilting just recently exploded when she discovered Modern Quilting.  She’s always been a free-spirit.  Her creativity has been evident through the efforts and success she achieved while home schooling her son.  I truly admired her dedication because I knew it would have been something I never could have accomplished.

Recently my daughter made the choice to enroll her son in public school.  She also registered her middle child in four-year old kindergarten.  With two of her children away from home for part or all of the day it left her with only one small person to entertain.  This new lifestyle brought with it a new-found freedom.  Some of that freedom has been channeled into her sewing.  It has been exciting to watch her enthusiasm grow and expand.  She has dabbled in the area of traditional quilting but finds the freedom of modern quilting much more satisfying.

Long before today my daughter and I attended the Wisconsin Quilt Expo. We had a glorious time touring through the quilt display, browsing through and visiting with the vendors.  One of the vendors we observed focused their attention on modern quiltingExtra time was spent at their booth as we meticulously combed through their fabric, patterns and displays.  From that exposure grew the desire to expand our knowledge of and connection to the modern quilting community.

Since participating in the quilt expo as a spectator my daughter has been busy creating her little quilts using the modern quilting techniques philosophy.  I am really impressed with what she has made so far.  Check out her Thursday Afternoon Craft Report.  Not only is my daughter talented when it comes to sewing she’s also very adept when it comes to navigating the internet and its plethora of resources.  Her craving for research in the modern quilting world led her to a website for the Madison Modern Quilt Guild along with numerous blogs all focused on modern quilting.  Also along that rabbit-trail appeared a link to a fabric store in Madison called The Sewcial Lounge.

My daughter’s excitement over these resources spilled over to me when she began sharing the links.  Together we decided we just had to check out The Sewcial Lounge and the Madison Modern Quilt Guild September meeting.  That meeting was held today which brings me back to my opening paragraph.  How can a person visit a fabric store, purchase nothing while there, but leave the store owing $95?  Try parking in a tow-away zone.  Now you might ask how in the world did two intelligent ladies manage to do something so stupid?  I guess I would have to chalk it up to preoccupation.  Perhaps we were so excited about exploring a new fabric store that we completely ignored the posted sign.  What ever the reason it was a complete shock to leave the store and discover my vehicle missing.  There’s just something about ones car not being where you left it that throws a wrench in your plans.

I immediately telephoned my hubby and told him I had a slight problem.  Through his assistance he located a telephone number for us to call.  After calling that office and being referred to a second number I was able to locate the whereabouts of my automobile.  Not being exactly sure how to get to the location we used the browser on my cell phone to acquire a map.  After wandering around the neighborhood we finally found it.  The car was safe and sound just parked off on a side street.  On the windshield was what I was expecting, a ticket.  On that ticket was the time stamp indicating when it was issued and my vehicle was towed away.  The time read 4:09 p.m.  That meant only nine minutes after my daughter and I walked away from the car the parking enforcement officer arrived, ticketed my car and the tow truck hauled it away.  The charge for parking in a rush-hour no parking zone was $45 the fee to tow the car off the street was $50.  The two added together brings the total to $95.  To answer my earlier question . . . that’s how you spend $95 yet have nothing to show for it but a piece of paper.

In spite of the ticket we had a fabulous time shopping at The Sewcial Lounge, sharing supper at a restaurant and participating in our first meeting at the Madison Modern Quilt Guild.  By the way, the first time attendees at the meeting far out weighed the regular members.  On top of that my daughter and I actually knew one of the other newbies.  Small World!

I would highly recommend the Madison Modern Quilt Guild.  The ladies are incredibly friendly and engaging.  Both my daughter and I plan on attending another meeting.  Who knows where this connection will lead?

I just have one question . . .is a parking ticket considered a deductible business expense?

P.S.  I can’t forget to pay that fine.  I certainly would not want to add additional fees to my ticket.

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