Yet Another Gem

While preparing my mother-in-law’s home for sale we came across her electric sewing machine.  Questions arose as to whom would adopt the machine.  My immediate reaction was “Not Me!”  I really don’t have room for another piece of furniture and besides I’m trying to downsize.  As time went by and I pondered the vintage machines I have adopted, refurbished and passed on to my daughters I began to sense this was yet another sewing machine in need of rescue.

From there my thoughts shifted to how and when can I take it home.  Yesterday the aqua sewing machine with its tiny plain wooden cabinet arrived in my garage.  The cabinet, as was the case with every other machine that I have fostered, is in need of refurbishing.  Due to the small size of the cabinet and the simple design I believe this one I can tackle myself.

The timeline for the restoration has not yet been set.  Once the project begins I will keep you abreast of the progress.  In the meantime I will begin my research trying to find out as much about the machine as possible.  I must also find a suitable place in my home for the machine to reside.  Stay tuned for future updates.If you have any details about this machine I would appreciate hearing your information.

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