Error 1303

Against my better judgement I purchased an updated version of one of my computer programs this past weekend.  The program organizes and keeps track of my business and personal expenses.  Without the program I would be lost.  I’ve tried using Excel spreadsheets but they just can’t deliver the control and output I desire.

As with all technology there’s always a bigger, better, newer version just around the corner.  Updating bookkeeping programs is not something I care to invest money in but sometimes you have too.  My motivation this time was because my credit union revamped their online technology.  The aftermath of their upgrade rendered my bookkeeping software useless for downloading transactions.  In an effort to solve that dilemma I decided to purchase the latest version of my bookkeeping software.

My first attempt, at installing the new software, ended in disaster.  The installation process produced “Error 1303.”  What in the world did “Error 1303” mean?  I hate error messages.  I feel so frustrated when they pop up on my screen.  I consulted with various sources, including my oldest daughter who is always willing to help.  The rabbit trail I followed suggested making changes to the “permissions” for a certain designated file.  After attempting to follow the instructions and being unsuccessful I decided to restore my computer.  The restoration went perfectly.  Thank goodness for that option.

Next I disabled my anti-virus software and uninstalled the old version of my bookkeeping program.  So far, so good.  Now I was feeling pretty confident.  Ok, next I installed the new software.  After waiting ten minutes for it to download the latest updates I was poised to open the new program to see if it worked and if my data file was operational.  I held my breath as I clicked on the “open file” button.  I guess I was assuming that disaster was waiting for me just around the corner.  I’ve had gads of experience in that department through my former employer.  I don’t chew my nails so I can’t say I did a lot of nail-biting.  Pulling my hair . . . yes!  There were times when I almost panicked at the thought of not getting payroll checks issued.  Fortunately things always worked out in the end.

When all was said and done I wasted the better part of my day struggling with something that’s suppose to make our lives easier.  Sometimes I could do without some of the “easier” things.  Although the installation of my program was complete my roadblock between my bookkeeping program and the credit union was not solved.  Bummer!  My bookkeeping program did open successfully though and that was a big relief.  At least I have a new program.  Whoopee!!!  So much for my idea of solving my problem.  Back to the drawing board.

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