If you are ever the recipient of one of my documents, flip it over.  Why? Because you just might be surprised at what is on the other side.  Now you might ask what could possibly be on the other side?  Well it could be a recipe, a page from a newsletter, a piece of junk mail or who knows what else.  You just never know.  How does this happen?  I love seeing how much paper I can recycle through my printer.  I have a box in my husband’s office where he can deposit unclassified documents suitable for reuse.  Every now and then I check the box.  I am thrilled when I find a pile of papers waiting to be recycled.  This recycling of paper has allowed me to avoid purchasing reams and reams of paper.  Seldom do I tear open a new package of shiny white paper.  If I had access to an unending supply of used paper I would be so thrilled.  Maybe you could save some for me and send it my way.  If not why not try it yourself.  Think of the trees we could save!

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