On to Another Chapter

This has been a week of “lasts.”  There was the last Monday, the last Tuesday, the last Wednesday, the last Thursday and now, finally, the last Friday.  I bet you wonder what in the world I am talking about.  Well it has nothing to do with a doomsday theory.  No, but it does have everything to do with my hubby.

You see for approximately three years my husband has been fortunate to have a job which allowed him to work at home.  His daily commute involved sliding on his slippers, climbing the stairs, to our second floor, turning on the overhead light, in his office, and sitting down at his desk.  Its been absolutely wonderful for him and for myself as well.  Some would ask how could our marriage have survive all this togetherness.  Well, its been easy because we are not only married but we are also best of friends.  There’s nobody else on this earth that I would rather spend my time with than my husband.

So, what’s all this about “lasts.”  Starting Monday my husband has a new job.  He applied for and was given a promotion with his current employer.  I am so thrilled that he has been given this opportunity.  It’s in a capacity I believe was meant for him.  Neither one of us is getting any younger so when a promotion like the one my husband has been given, is available, one just has to take it.  As with many things, the promotion comes at a price.  The short commute he has been blessed to have will be replaced on Monday with an automobile trip to another city.

By now I believe you may have guessed what I have been hinting at.  On Monday, when my husband and I wave good-bye it will bring to an end the era of sharing every day, all day together at home.  By saying that we had our last Monday, last Tuesday, etc. that’s what I mean.  On Monday a new routine will be established.  Our new routine, among other things, will no longer include sharing lunch together, nor the ability to share face-to-face conversations as a moments notice.  This new routine will take some time getting accustomed to.  But, as with all other couples and families, we too will adjust.

Congratulations Sweetheart!

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