Turkey Done Button

Does your turkey have a button?  You know the pop-up button that raises when the turkey is done.  We call it the “turkey done button.”  Well my little Sadie has her very own little button.  When Sadie was born she developed an umbilical hernia.  The hernia protruded through her abdomen.  Her breeder reassured us the condition was temporary and would dissipate on its own.  Although the vets Sadie has seen agree the protrusion was not an immediate health concern the general consensus was to eventually have it repaired.  Here’s a photo of Sadie and her “turkey done button.”

You can see from the photo she was not particularly fond of being posed for this picture.  She insisted upon latching onto my hubby’s hand with her jaw.

Well, I’m happy to say Sadie’s “turkey done button no longer exists.  Yesterday Sadie was spayed.  During her surgery they also corrected her abdominal hernia.  The little button that has been her trademark since joining our family has disappeared.  I guess her distinguishing characteristic will now have to be her adorable personality.

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