Tick Tock


This clock has been in my family for a very, very long time.  It was handed down to me in 2010.  The clock doesn’t run on batteries, electricity or solar power.  The sole source of power for its operation is a spring.  If I forget to wind the clock it obviously runs out of steam.

The soothing tick tock becomes so much a part of my environment that I often don’t notice it has stopped.  The clock is a bit like me.  If I fail to recharge my own battery then I inevitably have the same problem.  My internal battery slowly, ever so slowly, runs out of steam.  I typically don’t notice until I’m so exhausted my brain becomes cloudy or fuzzy.  By the time that happens I’m well past sleep deprived.

The cold germs that have been sharing my space have been raising havoc with my battery.  Since taking up residence they have plagued my nights with frequent reminders of their indwelling by rattling my body with coughing.  Not wanting to spread germs to my hubby I typically sleep on my right side facing away from him.  I also try burrowing my face beneath the sheet to inhibit the free-flowing spread of germs.  This routine of incessant coughing has challenged my sleep.

Until last night I had been the under assumption my battery was maintaining a trickle charge.  Out of frustration with the frequent poking by my cold germs, last night I decided to relocate to our family room.  I had hoped that if I snuggled into our over sized, over stuffed, super comfy sectional and maintained a semi-upright angle by propping myself up with those throw pillows that typically get “thrown” on the floor, perhaps I might beat down the frequent, nagging coughs to a much more manageable level.

As I flipped open my bed covers and swung my legs over the side of the bed, I was careful to be as quiet-as-a-mouse.  There was no sense in disturbing my hubby’s sleep.  Quietly I retrieved my glasses from my night stand drawer.  I keep them there at night to prohibit Jerry (my tabby cat) from creating mischief with my glasses.  After slipping them on I went to our closet to retrieve a sweatshirt.  It’s cold in our basement so I wanted extra ammunition to keep the chill at bay.

As I tiptoed down the hall, being careful to protect my toes from known obstacles, I stopped briefly in the living room to grab my pretty pink fleece blanket.  With my blanket tucked beneath my arm I carefully descend the carpeted stairs leading into our basement.  Once safely landing on the basement floor I crossed the room heading toward my destination.  There I gathered together two more fleece blankets.  Carefully I arranged two pillows to serve as my source of elevation.  I crawled onto the couch then systematically arranged all three, no-sew fleece blankets on top of me, then leaned back to rest my weary body.

I waited patiently to see just how successful I might be at my attempt to knockdown the coughing.  I was so pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  Not only were the body jarring, sleep depriving episodes of coughing greatly reduced, I also could feel my body relaxing and drifting off to semi-peaceful slumber.  Just before slipping into that peaceful level of relaxation I felt the gentle steps of Jerry as he approached my face.  I encouraged him to take up residence along side me.  He willingly snuggled near my right side and with that I was gone.

Throughout the remainder of the night I slept almost peacefully.  The unwanted disturbances by my cold germs and their annoying coughing were mostly silent.  By the time daylight arrived I was deep in sleep.  My hubby and Sadie (our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy) roused me around 7:15 a.m.  when I opened my eyes and realized how sound asleep I had been I was so pleased.  That was the best I had slept in days.  I actually felt like a fully functioning human again.  Perhaps now my battery is completely charged and ready to go.  Who knows!  Only time will tell.  Take care!

7 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. We had a clock on the farm that looked and operated very much like yours. It was old back then in the 1950’s. It ended up with my sister.

    Glad you finally found a way to get a restorative night’s sleep. I hope there are many more and that you recover soon.

    1. Welcome fellow Sandy Quilt Block participant!

      I found small, very old pieces of paper folded up inside the clock. Both were hand written by the repairmen that have worked on the clock. One of them says it is an 8 Day Ingraham Wall Clock. Just how old it is exactly I do not know. I know it once belonged to my maternal grandfather. I have no way of knowing its history beyond that. Thanks for sharing about your clock.

      Thank you for your well wishes!

  2. We have a similar click but it is more than 65years old…it was a gift to my late mom by her father. Till today…I am the one who will wind the key for the clock…it feels good as its a connection with my late mom and grandfather.

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