Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

I was going to type up my own version of this message, complete with pictures, but my daughter has done such a wonderful job I have decided to use hers instead. In case you are wondering what my attraction is to the topic . . . I was the lucky recipient! Read on and you will understand. 🙂

Under the Maple Canopy

Any guesses as to what yesterday’s secret project was?


How about a hint?

IMG_1189A bag?  You’re getting warmer.  Any other guesses as to what one should do with such a bag?  (Although, I think it’s lovely just the way it is, if I do say so myself.)

How about a peek inside?

IMG_1191It’s a linen bread bag.  Isn’t that just the sweetest thing you ever did see?  I’m not sure which one makes me smile more.  The linen bread bag or the loaf of bread inside of it (even if it was an off bread day).  Of course, I promptly gave it and the bread away because a certain person, ahem, was hinting (slightly) that they were lacking in the bread department.  What better way to share a loaf of bread with a friend than to put it in this reusable and ever so attractive bag?


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