The Composition Cover

Look What I Got!

I left my home recently to run a slew of errands.  When I returned home this is what I found on my sewing machine cabinet.


The instant I walked into my sewing room my eyes saw this magnificent notebook adorned with a beautiful, hand-crafted cover.  My oldest daughter has a key to our home so obviously she can come and go as need be.  Since she is the only one in this area that sews there was no mistaking who left it here.  I was saddened to realize I had missed seeing her but absolutely overjoyed at the gift.

A Very Busy Lady

She’s been very busy of late sewing skirts for her daughters as well as clothing for their dolls.  The girls are so pleased with her creations she barely has time to finish them.  As soon as the last thread is clipped the articles of clothing are snatched up and flying out of her studio.  Knowing that she took time out of her jam-packed schedule to make this for me made the gift that much more precious.

A Closer Look

Lets take a closer look at this awesome creation.  The pattern was published by Indygo Junction for Sue Jackson.  It’s called Composition Covers #IJ882.  The fabric is from the Modern Meadow collection by Joel Dewberry called Flower Fields Lake.  The fabric envelops a notebook filled with graph paper.  Wrapped around the middle is a band of soft green fabric flanked by navy blue ribbing on either side.  Securing the notebook closed are two lengths of ribbon.  Notice how she cleverly chose ribbon resembling a dressmakers measuring tape.

A Decision to Be Made

My daughter let me decide whether the band of green fabric would be added or not.  She entered a post on her blog sharing with her readers her project and the decision that was to be made.  I registered my preference via a comment on her blog.

Now Let’s Look Inside


Time to peek inside.  First we must untie the ribbons.  As the cover is lifted we find the portfolio obviously divided into two sections.  On the left we see two sets of pockets.  The upper one is sized just right for my business cards.


Directly below is a divided pocket for my pens and pencils.


Attached at the spine is another ribbon perfectly suited for marking my place in the notebook.  As we allow our eyes to slide to the right we can see a notebook filled with graph paper.  Those pages are ready and waiting for my creative thoughts to be transferred.  I can envision hours and hours of use coming from this composition notebook.  I’m certain the notebook’s resources will be depleted long before my beautiful cover is ready to be retired.

So what do you think.  Don’t you just wish you had one for your very own?

14 thoughts on “The Composition Cover

  1. Your notebook is beautiful! I especially love the ribbons your daughter used. That was a very thoughtful gift fron your daughter. You are indeed very blessed to have such a considerate daughter. 🙂

    1. Indeed, she did a wonderful job. I am truly fortunate to have such a wonderful and generous daughter. Her choice not only of the fabric but also the ribbons was spot on. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  2. You are a very lucky mom to have such a talented daughter…I can only say that your daughter emulates you and you have done a fine job…hopefully your granddaughters will follow the footsteps of their lovely mom and grandmother.

    Enjoy your gift!!!!!

    1. Your words are music to my ears. Thank you so much for speaking so eloquently. I hope some day my granddaughters will enjoy the craft of sewing. Only time will tell.

  3. Its lovely. I love modern meadow! I am working on a queen sized modern meadow right now! I have been considering that print for the backing. What do you think?

    1. I think is a very lovely fabric. It would make a nice addition to any quilt. Certainly it would look fabulous on the back of your quilt.

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