Ipad or iPad

Ipad or is it iPad?

Whatever the case I am so thrilled with my new iPad. I recently crossed over from the Microsoft world to Apple? My oldest daughter has been blossoming in the world of Apple for quite some time. I’ve been exposed to the wonders of her iPad on numerous occasions. Each time I marveled at how versatile and powerful the electronic device was. My curiosity grew exponentially with each encounter. The thought of crossing over the line between Microsoft and Apple brought thoughts of treason to my mind. How could I possibly consider leaving the platform I have been immersed in since day one? Still the temptation was so strong and seemed so right that I found it irresistible

Less than a month ago I took the plunge and dived into the world on the other side. No sirens went off, no fanfare, just a quiet transition. Now I’m not saying that I am abandoning life on the other side. My nephew works for Microsoft and is responsible in part for Windows 8. At this point I can’t imagine taking on a total conversion. My roots in the Microsoft world are pretttttty deep. Then again I know you can teach an old dog new tricks so I believe I could handle it. But for now I am content to dabble in this new world with my shiny, new iPad and it’s pretty pink cover. Who knows where this path will lead?

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