Tag-Along Day 7 of 7

Friday’s are my favorite day of the week for two reasons.  The first is because it is the last day of the work week.  The second is because it’s when I get to share one of my favorites.  Today is super special since it’s also the reveal of my Tag-Along modified tote.

That’s A Wrap

Well I can’t believe it!  My very first This & That Tag-Along modified tote is complete.  When I started on this journey I had two goals in mind.  The main purpose was to construct a tote that would provide safe transportation for my iPad and companion keyboard.  My purse would have been the obvious choice but, if you are at all like me, carrying one more thing in my purse just wasn’t going to happen.  The second goal was to join up with the Stitched in Color Shelburne Falls Contest.  After all who doesn’t like a chance at winning something.

Once I declared myself a candidate for the contest I set out to create something that would satisfy both objectives.  The Tag-Along pattern had been purchased previously from one of my favorite local fabric stores.  It, among other things, was waiting in line on my To Do List.  After seeing the gorgeous Shelburne Falls fabric it seemed only natural to pair up the two.

Over the past seven days I have taken you along on my journey in the construction process.  I’ve shared both my failures and successes, my likes and my don’t likes.  All in all I think it’s been a well-rounded adventure.  All that’s left now is the reveal of my finished masterpiece and linking up with Stitched in Color.  So, here we go.

Drum Roll Please!

Introducing my This & That Tag-Along modified tote constructed from Shelburne Falls fabrics


There She Is!


Her Bottom


Her Pockets


My Keyboard Pocket


My iPad Pocket


One Last Look

So What Do You Think?

Isn’t that the nicest tote bag you have ever seen?  Bet you would like one for yourself?  I can’t tell you how much fun I have had and how pleased I am with the outcome.

Now I have one really BIG favor to ask.  On Monday, April 8th Stitched in Color will select three of the items registered in her contest.  Those three items will compete for the contest prize, a fat quarter set of the complete Shelburne Falls collection.  The winner will be chosen by YOU! Now of course I’m hoping my fabulous Tag-Along modified tote will be one of the three finalists.  If by some strange reason that doesn’t happen I still need you to visit Stitched in Color’s blog to vote for your favorite. As soon as she announces her three finalists I will send you a link to vote.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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    1. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see how your entry turns out too! Best of luck to you. Secretly I hope you win! You deserve it. 🙂

  1. Of course I´ll vote for you! I been following your tag-along and even if I didn´t quite understand all of it, I think the result is great!
    Gun, Sweden

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