Tag-Along: My Review

A Review

This & That Tag-Along modified tote constructed from Shelburne Falls fabrics


There She Is!


Her Bottom


Her Pockets


My Keyboard Pocket


My iPad Pocket


One Last Look

So What Do You Think?

Isn’t that the nicest tote bag you have ever seen? I can’t tell you how much fun I had and how pleased I am with the outcome.  As with all things in this world there are typically changes we would like to make.  This pattern, while well written and relatively easy to follow, could stand a few changes of its own.  Some of my suggested modifications have resulted through using the tote and some are purely cosmetic. Listed below are my suggestions.

Things I Would Have Done Different

  1. Day 4: I would have relocated the Velcro on the pockets.  Instead of locating it 1 1/4″ from the top edge I would have placed it no lower than 1″ yet no higher than 3/4″ below the edge of the pocket. Velcro located 1 1/4″ below the top edge of the pocket is alright if the items you carry in the pocket don’t have any depth to them. My intended use was for my iPad and my keyboard, both of which are not at all flat.  By placing the Velcro 1 1/4″ from the top edge of the pocket the available expansion room is limited.  Judging by the photo on the pattern jacket I believe they never intended for the user to stash items such as an iPad or keyboard inside.
  2. Day 4:  The pockets are lined with a light fusible interfacing.  Again, the author’s intended use most likely was not at all for iPads or keyboards.  The light fusible interfacing provides a soft yet delicate level of durability.  I would like to see a much stronger material used thus creating a much sturdier pocket.
  3. Day 5:  The outside tab that keeps the Tag-Along tote securely closed tends to want to fall open.  To remedy the situation I would add a row of stitching to anchor it along the top edge of the tote and prohibit it from falling backwards.

Things I Appreciate

1. My Tag-Along tote has been a great way to transport my iPad & keyboard.

2. Besides my intended use I have also used the pockets in my Tag-Along tote to carry loose papers along with my cell phone.

The changes I have outlined are minor compared to the joy I derive from owning my modified tote.  Given the opportunity to make a second Tag-Along tote I would jump at the chance in an instant.

Just A Reminder

Now I have one really BIG favor to ask.  On Monday, April 8th Stitched in Color will select three of the items registered in her contest.  Those three items will compete for the contest prize, a fat quarter set of the complete Shelburne Falls collection.  The winner will be chosen by YOU! Now of course I’m hoping my fabulous Tag-Along modified tote will be one of the three finalists.  If by some strange reason that doesn’t happen I still need you to visit Stitched in Color’s blog to vote for your favorite. As soon as she announces her three finalists I will send you a link to vote.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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