Time to Vote

Remember the contest I entered? I guess that’s kind of a silly question. The contest is all that I talked about over the past several days. Well I’m sorry to say my tote was not selected. Thank you so much for reading my endless posts showcasing my creation and dream.

The three creations chosen and now offered for voting can be found at this link. If you have the chance, follow the link and register your voice by voting.



9 thoughts on “Time to Vote

  1. It’s so disappointing! I loved your tag along and your adjustments to the pattern. I still think it’s a winner. There were several projects that I liked far better (including yours) than the ones that were chosen. I’m going to pass on the voting, though. :0)

    1. I so totally agree! Yours was one I thought deserved to be showcased in the top three contestants. Your quilt exhibits far more expression of creativity and imagination than all of the other projects combined. The author fell way off the mark when she chose what she did. The display of selections obviously shows a lack of taste.

      1. Just different taste. It’s ok, though, I know my taste isn’t for everyone. Sometimes I hink folks look at me a bit askance when I show my quilts. That’s ok too. :0)

      2. Thank you, though for your kind words about my quilt. It was a lot of work so it’s nice to hear. On to the next quilt!

  2. I thought for sure you were a shoe-in! Loved that it brought me to your blog and I look forward to reading about your future adventures.

  3. I clicked like but I don’t like that you weren’t selected. I believe you should have been. 🙂 I like what you did and will continue to follow your antics and creativity!


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