Life After My Tag-Along


I poured my heart and soul into the construction of my Tag-Along tote for a recent competition. Much to my disappointment my tote did not make it past the initial elimination phase. With so much energy dedicated to that project not much time was left for anything else. I did however manage to start a quilt.

Simply Color

I’m using a charm pack called Simply Color. My dream is to finish and enter the quilt into an upcoming show in Madison. Whether or not I can direct enough focus towards its quick completion is the question. It needs to be assembled, quilted,and bound in order to be ready. Cross your fingers!


Here’s A Sneak Peak


Still In Line

Still on deck are these little gems.


Miranda Day Bag


Encore Purse Insert


Messenger Bag

Time to link up with Freshly Pieced.

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13 thoughts on “Life After My Tag-Along

  1. your tote was super cute- sorry you didn’t win.

  2. Looking forward to seeing where you head with the blocks!

    1. Thanks! Me too.

  3. such beautiful fabrics! I love those reds!
    Here via WIP Wednesday.

  4. Love the colors on the simply colors quilt, very vibrant!

  5. I love what I’m seeing so far of your Simply Color blocks! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  6. Great fabrics in your sneak peek, and I love the colors for your messenger bag.

  7. You’ve picked some really beautiful fabrics for your projects. Cant’ wait to see them finished.

  8. So sorry you didn’t make it to the competition. Your tote is really super-awesome!

  9. Love Simply Color – great choice for a quilt!

  10. It is disappointing not to get into a show, or not to advance. Been there and done that, and survived much like you are, by starting something else. 🙂

  11. You have some lovely projects going on here.