Where in the World Are They?



The other day I was making a label for the back of a quilt. The center of the label contained hand printed lettering with details pertinent to the quilt. Surrounding the outer borders would be a patchwork of fabrics color coordinated with the quilt backing. As I cut, stitched and trimmed the border pieces, I was involved in a conversation with my oldest daughter. In essence I was multitasking.

Multitasking is bound to either get me in trouble, prove to be very productive or lead to a variety of half-completed projects. In this instance it resulted in three missing squares of fabric. I searched high and low looking for them. I looked all over my cutting table. I looked all over the floor and yet I couldn’t find the three 1.75″ x 1.75″ tidbits of fabric.

Oh My!

The longer I looked the more frustrated I became. Bewildered I paused to mentally retrace my steps. As I stood there pondering where next to look I happened to glance down at the sweatshirt I was wearing. Much to my embarrassment I was delighted to discover the three pieces of fabric clinging to my sweatshirt.

A Whole New Meaning

Now if you are at all familiar with the process of designing quilts then you just might be familiar with the flannel covered boards quilters use to create new designs. Typically they use the flannel side of vinyl table cloths as their medium. Apparently, in my case, my sweatshirt proved to be just as suitable as a table-cloth. Who knew? The discovery of my missing squares brought out a loud sigh as well as a broad grin to my face. Never in my wildest imagination would I have never thought my sweatshirt would be a magnet for fabric. Stray threads I am accustomed to but not fabric pieces.

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9 thoughts on “Where in the World Are They?

  1. Thanks for a smile. I love the quilting you show in the photo at the top of the post. It’s so even.

  2. love the purple – and yes fabric has clung to me too – I received my give away package from you – love the colors of this moda solid charm pack – thanks 🙂

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