Spring Is Finally Here

Spring Is Here

I was very remiss at cleaning out my gardens last fall. There’s plenty of debris just waiting for my attention. While longarm quilting recently, my left eye detected movement outside a window. I stopped my Tin Lizzie to investigate. Carefully I moved toward the window. As I got closer I could see a big fat robin. The robin was tugging at the leftovers of last year’s Black Eyed Susan’s. Apparently their decaying stems make for an interesting find.

Stand Still

I stood as still as I could; not wanting to scare away the robin. The bird paused for a moment and waited then tugged once more at the stems. Ultimately he was successful at freeing bits and pieces. As he flew away I could see the new-found items nestled within his beak. The male robin returned numerous times to gather more stems. Seeing this robin actively gathering stems and leaves reminded me that YES indeed spring is here! Yippee!

Take A Look

I took advantage of a rainy day recently to pause and take a few photos in my gardens.  This is the fruit of my labors.  Enjoy!

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While this post certainly has nothing to do with quilting it does bring you a small taste of the environment I live in.  My home, garden and landscape are also one of my “favorites.”   I hope you have enjoyed today’s tour.  Perhaps I will have the opportunity to interject more snippets of my garden from time to time.

Thanks for joining me!

Cindy Anderson
Cindy Anderson

9 thoughts on “Spring Is Finally Here

  1. I would love to see more of your garden. Yardening (gardening and yard work) is my first passion. I was very fortunate to be a stay at home mom all through my DD’s school years. For the last 4 years I have had to go to work so I have not had the time to “play” outside, I really miss it and my yard shows it!!!
    Thanks for sharing snippets of your yard.

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