San Clemente 6-Pack Tote

I belong to two quilt guilds. One is considered a Modern quilt guild while the other is Traditional. Just last Saturday I spent the day with a group of women from the traditional quilt guild. The purpose of our rendezvous was to meet new friends and create a San Clemente 6-Pack Bag.

Following a pattern for the very first time can be challenging. Understanding the meaning behind the author’s instructions often takes multiple readings before the words can sink in. This pattern had relatively few stumbling blocks. The one and only MAJOR issue I had occurred at the very beginning. The author instructs the reader to cut all of the pattern pieces perpendicular to the selvage. I am well acquainted with the term perpendicular. Being acquainted with and actually applying that knowledge appropriately are two different concepts.

Without thinking, I began cutting my pattern pieces parallel to the selvage. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the error of my ways until I was one-third of the way through the process. I have no idea what finally made the light go on. All I can say is that I am really thankful that it did.

Not being completely finished meant I still had options. When I realized what had happened, the leader of the event was on the opposite side of the room. From where she was standing she could see my look of exasperation. In no time she was by my side offering solutions to my dilemma. Together we mapped out a plan.

Armed with a little ingenuity and a bit of luck I was able to successfully complete my San Clemente tote. If you compare mine with the photo here you will see a slight difference. All that really matters though is whether or not I am pleased with the end result. The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY!

Here’s my project.


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