I Must Confess

I am an addict!

That’s right, an honest to goodness addict. Well not in the chemical sense. I mean I am a fabric, and all things related, addict. I simply cannot pass up the opportunity to purchase the latest and greatest fabric, pattern and/or gadget. Even though I have told myself, on a daily basis, I absolutely must stop feeding my addiction I just can’t help myself. There’s something I crave about the aroma and texture of fabric, not to mention the visual appeal it adds to my stash. The thrill of acquiring new patterns tickles my fancy and keeps alive my thirst for inspiration. Each new ruler or gadget I add to my arsenal of supplies provides yet one more opportunity to improve my quilting skills.

This addiction has been known to spill over into my everyday life. I’m an artist at heart. What artist puts boundaries on their studio? I certainly don’t. My environment is my studio and when I’m in my studio I’m always creating, always looking for a new way to add color or texture to the things that surround me. Thus, I have at times accumulated a few too many decorations as is evidenced by the boxes of items now awaiting a future garage sale. Some of the excess was created by the downsizing we did earlier this year so I’ve cut myself a bit of slack in that area.

So how does one successfully overcome their addition? There are organizations that provide support for those with chemical addictions. They follow a predetermined set of steps to manage their afflictions. They also have a mantra that encourages them to focus on the traits or things that can be changed. I’m not sure their program would apply to my situation.

I figure I have these options:

  1. Remain home at all times.

  2. Disconnect the internet.

  3. Destroy all catalogues and mailings before they even enter the house.

  4. Accept my addiction.

Here’s my reaction to those options:

  1. No Way!
  2. Absolutely Not!

  3. Perhaps.

  4. Sounds more reasonable.

I figure since I have openly confessed to my addiction I have taken the first step toward conquering what ails me. Progressing beyond that step would take every once of strength I could muster, my creative juices would suffer severely, and, well, I just might wither away from the lack of inspiration. So, at this point I’m going to put recovery on the back burner. I will, however, make an honest attempt at curtailing my expenditures. Though I will have to ease into this new way of life gradually. Quitting cold turkey would be unbearable and devastating to the economy. I figure as long as itsy bitsy teeny tiny progress is made I will be happy.

P.S. Do you think my progress would be thwarted if I use the earnings from my garage sale to add to my collection? Just kidding! 😀



p style=”text-align:center;”>Evidence of My Addiction :o)

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