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I have belonged to a local quilt guild for several years. To give newcomers a chance to meet other newbies they offer an opportunity to participate in a day of sewing. The date, project and fee are all predetermined by the hostess. Even though everyone makes the same item the quilters choose their own fabrics. This freedom gives them the chance to personalize their project to suit their own taste.

It wasn’t until I was in the group for more than a year that I decided to go. Not knowing anyone from the guild I felt it would be an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

The hostess for the group was a vibrant, fun-loving lady with a heart as big as the universe. You know the kind of person that can put anyone at ease. Even though I had very little direct exposure to her I just knew she would turn the day into a wonderful experience.

So I made my reservations, purchased the pattern and supplies then waited for the time to arrive. IMG_0617_newThe project we worked on was the above tote bag. I blogged about it here.

Throughout the day the hostess circulated around the room making everyone feel welcome while offering her assistance. She just happened to stop by my table when I discovered I had made an error. With her wealth of knowledge and her experience, having previously made the tote, she helped me trouble shoot my options. In no time I was back on track and proceeding.

As a kind gesture the hostess brought with her a small gift for each of the students. Unfortunately she had miscounted and wound up one item short. I just happened to be the one person that did not receive a gift. Having missed out really didn’t make that much difference to me. I had a wonderful time and went home with a very pretty tote.

After returning home I never thought about missing out on a gift until one day I found a mysterious package in my mailbox. At first the name on the return address label didn’t ring a bell. Being curious about what might be inside I turned my attention to the package. I reached for my letter opener and carefully sliced through the upper crease of the envelope.

With the envelope now open I peered inside. There, in the darkness, was yet another envelope. This one was the size of a standard, everyday envelope; one you would use to mail a check. I tipped the envelope upside down to free the interior contents from its confines.

Out, into the palm of my hand, slid the small white envelope. On the outside of the envelope were written these words, “Sorry I left you out the other day.” I instantly knew exactly who the package was from.

imageA flood of emotions washed over me. Never, in my wildest imagination, had I ever expected this. I had all but forgotten about being left out.

After overcoming the shock of receiving the package my curiosity took over. What on earth could possibly be inside the envelope. Not wanting to waste anymore time I retrieved the letter opener and sliced through the uppermost fold. Not sure what was inside I carefully opened it. To my utmost surprise was a button


and a small typed note. The note read:


“The original hand crafted segmented lathe turned buttons were made by Ross Daniels. The woods have no dyes or stains. Most of the wood is milled in Wisconsin with some exotics mixed in. Do not wash or dry-clean.

Each limited edition button is given individual attention with gluing, sanding and finishing. It is a work of art, and we hope you will enjoy the hidden treasures of the beautiful wood grain that God has made!

Ross at: info@danielsstudios.com”

As I read the words, tears streamed down my face. This was no ordinary button and the lady that sent it was no ordinary lady. I was so overwhelmed by this one small gesture. The gift was so unexpected and so unnecessary. Yet I would never even think of surrendering it. In fact I can’t even imagine doing anything other than keeping it in a safe place where I can see it on a daily basis. This button will always have a very special place in my heart.

To this day every time I look at that button I fondly remember the lady that so thoughtfully sent it to me. If only she knew how deeply she touched my heart. By the way, although the note was signed by Ross, the remarkable lady that mailed me the button is Eileen Daniels.

Thank you Eileen Daniels for being such a special lady!

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