Tea and Fart

Quite sometime ago my oldest daughter declared Tuesday mornings to be Tea & Art day. She home-schools three of my grandchildren. On most Tuesday mornings, throughout their school year, Tuesday morning is set aside for reading poetry, sipping tea, eating dessert, learning about famous artists and creating our own art project. Sometimes the projects are based upon the artist we studied and other times they are just fun things to do. Since it’s beginning we have painted, colored, even sewed pillows, pillow cases and place mats.

Somewhere along the way the activity was playfully renamed Tea & Fart. The humorous swap was made only because the two words rhyme. The phrase stuck like feathers on tar. To this date we refer to Tuesday mornings as Tea & Fart.

I’ve absolutely loved exploring the world of art with my grandchildren. Here’s one of the projects we did recently.



5 thoughts on “Tea and Fart

  1. I LOVE the art project! And the playful name for Tuesday activities incited much laughter amongst my children. I was not at all surprised!

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