First Year Quilt: Part One

In May of 2013 I stumbled upon a quilt kit at Acorn Quilts (no longer in business). The kit included pre-cut fabric strips, one each, from the bolts of fabric the owner had sold her First Year in business.


Acorn Quilts First Year Quilt
Acorn Quilts First Year Quilt

The minute I walked into the store the quilt caught my attention. I made several trips around the shop absorbing all the colors and patterns; all the while keeping my eye on that quilt. Something about it had grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. Not wanting to make a hasty decision I decided it was best to ponder the quilt’s purchase.

My husband had traveled with me to the fabric shop. Upon returning to our car I shared with him how I had fallen in love with one particular quilt. Since it was now almost lunch time we decided to share a bite to eat at a local restaurant. As we ate our meal I couldn’t get the quilt out of my head. I just knew I had to have one.

Not surprisingly the first place we went after lunch was back to the fabric shop to purchase the First Year quilt kit.


On 6/5/2013 I published a post mentioning the quilt for the very first time. Other than moving the quilt kit from one house to another, not much had happened to it until recently. In February of this year I attended a sew day organized by one of the Madison quilt guilds. The First Year quilt was one of two projects I took with me. I ended up passing over the first project when I discovered the fabrics needed to be pre-washed. With #1 eliminated that meant the First Year quilt would get all of my attention.

IMG_7889I worked diligently all day starching and pressing the fabrics along with trimming 3/4’s of the fabric strips to size. Within a few days of returning home I finished cutting the remaining strips and even managed to get one quilt block assembled.

IMG_7898Since February no further progress has been made. As I find time to continue working with the quilt I will post updates. Thanks so much for sharing your time.

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      1. I thought so too. She was such a sweet lady. Sad she had to close her shop.

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