Tea and Fart: George S.

Today was my turn to host the family Tea & Fart. If you’re wondering about the origin of Tea & Fart you may read about it here. Before my guests arrived I made ready the dining room table for the impending activities. Every hint of table decoration was removed and replaced with the plastic table-cloth I use to cover our work surface. Next I brought out the cups and saucers that would contain our tea.

IMG_7946The art supplies were retrieved from their storage closet in the basement and extra chairs were gathered around the table. With everything ready all that was left to do was wait for my guests to arrive.

By 10:00 a.m. everyone was here. First on our agenda was the brewing of our tea. Each person chose their favorite blend from the specimens supplied.

IMG_7948 IMG_7959

While sipping our tea poems were read aloud from the stack of books brought to the event. Today’s chosen poems seemed to be of a light-hearted nature as much snickering could be heard

IMG_7952 IMG_7953 IMG_7954






After filling ourselves with tea and snacks it was time to begin our lesson. My daughter read the history behind the artist we would be studying. The artist of today’s focus was George Seurat. George was famous for his Pointillism. Our assignment was to paint as George did.

IMG_7961Prepared ahead of time were pages on which an empty color wheel had been drawn. Using those color wheels, paint pallets filled with red, yellow and blue paint, and a Q-Tip our assignment was to fill in our color wheel using the Pointillism technique.

Each participant carefully applied dots to their project until either the desired outcome was achieved or his/her patience ran out.

IMG_7962 IMG_7968 IMG_7973After finishing the assigned task we were given the opportunity to create our own masterpiece utilizing the Pointillism method. Some of us made one painting while others went on to do two even three. The photos below show some of the created art work as well as a sweet picture of the two sisters showing off their furry buddies.

IMG_7982 IMG_7985 IMG_7988IMG_7986As I’m sure you can tell there were ample opportunities to snap photos of today’s activities. I don’t know about my grandchildren but I had a wonderful time. I always enjoy getting together with them for Tea & Fart.

Here’s a glimpse of the two works of art I created.

IMG_8003IMG_8040 That’s it for this edition of Tea & Fart. Until next time have fun exploring the world of art.


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