Blue House Renovation: Step Three

The story of how the Blue House quilt transformation began can be read here.

After removing hundreds of stitches and slicing the Blue House into strips it was time to make a plan. A new plan. A new vision. A new purpose. First on my list of things to do was camouflaging the blue house. I started by slicing it into strips.


IMG_6810 I added strips of a purchased coordinating green fabric to fill in some of the gaps. Strips of leftover fabric from the original quilt were added in between sections as borders.


IMG_6817Then some of those sections were cut up again.


By the time I had finished the Blue House was no longer recognizable.IMG_6865 Once the last stitch was added I stepped back to see what I had created. The more I looked, the more I surveyed my new quilt, the more I hated it. Oh, Oh! Sounds like a broken record! Time to go back to the drawing board.

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