A Surprise Table Runner

Just because my long-arm quilt machine is set up to work on bed-sized quilts that doesn’t mean I can’t work on something smaller. The smallest item I have quilted so far was the Surprise Table Runner for a friend’s birthday present.

While vacationing in Door County in June of 2013 I received an email from Cindy. Cindy had made a table runner for her dear friend Pat. She heard, via the grapevine, that I had a long-arm quilting business. While enjoying my time away Cindy and I traded emails. Plans were setup for her to bring the table runner to my home later that month.

IMG_5833 IMG_5835When Cindy delivered her table runner we discussed her desires for thread color and quilting pattern. Cindy chose a simple all-over meander stitch and a medium grey thread. The beautiful runner measured 64 x 16. Both the top and bottom edges had angles that prevented the runner from being properly attached to my machine. The runner was also narrower than needed so extra fabric was added to all four sides.

Given the small size of the Surprise Table Runner the quilting took relatively little time which made it easy to meet the relatively short turn-around time. Both Cindy and I were very pleased with the outcome. What do you think?

IMG_5827 IMG_5808 IMG_5798 IMG_5797 IMG_5785 Surprise Table Runner Details:

  • Quilt Size – 64″ x 16″
  • Thread Used – Omni Medium Grey
  • Quilt Stitch – Meander
  • Quilting Time – 2 hours 23 minutes
  • # of Quilt Stitches – 37,682
  • Quilt Seamstress – Cindy Curtis

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