Square on Point

Creating a quilt, from start to finish, takes a lot of time and effort. So much thought goes into choosing the pattern, selecting just the right combination of fabrics, pressing, cutting and finally sewing the quilt together. This quilt, the one I will call Square On Point showed all the signs of top-notch quality work. Much care went into it’s construction.

IMG_4806As per our conversation a natural colored thread and Baptist Fan quilt pattern were chosen. The Baptist Fan was a design I was very familiar with yet had never used before. All of my stitches are applied through free-motion, which means I don’t have a computer that uniformly applies the stitches. Every single stitch is one I create.

IMG_5944When I discussed the Baptist Fan with the customer I explained that I had never done it but I felt confident I could manage it. Stitching half circle free-hand is very difficult if not near impossible. To assist me with accuracy I used a set of acrylic circles made specifically for long-arm quilt machines.

IMG_0054The final outcome, if I might say so, turned out quite nicely.

IMG_5961 IMG_5962Square On Point Details:

  • Quilt Size – 77 1/2″ x 66 1/4″
  • Thread Used – Omni Antique Gold
  • Quilt Stitch – Baptist Fan
  • Quilting Time – 6 hours
  • # of Stitches – 80,975
  • Quilt Seamstress – Pat Murphy


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