A Fire Breathing Dragon

You know how it is when you pause long enough to reminisce; you think back over the moments that have passed and realize those moments have turned into days, weeks, months and even years. When that happens you realize that far more time has passed than you care to admit.

It’s been a year and eight months since I had the privilege of working with this quilt. Back in 2013 my husband and I were volunteering our time as master gardeners. We met Deb through the Master Gardener Volunteer Program. My friend Deb has the talent for creating quilts with unique designs. After finishing her latest masterpiece Deb asked me if I would be interested in quilting it. My answer, of course, was Yes! Being asked to quilt a fellow quilters project is truly an honor. It takes a leap of faith to entrust someone else with your work of art.

After finishing a morning of pulling weeds and digging in the soil we met at our planned rendezvous to transfer the quilt from her possession to mine. Before parting company Deb unfolded her quilt top and backing to show off her new project. The quilt was assembled using a varied pallet of squares and rectangles cut from red, orange, blue and white fabrics. The back was a pre-printed panel of a very colorful, large dragon.

When I’m hired to quilt a project I’m always thrilled when I’m told I can quilt it however I want. Being given free-rein makes the project all that much more enjoyable. Deb gave me permission to choose the quilt stitch pattern for her Dragon Quilt. One look at the quilt design instantly brought to mind one of my favorite quilting motifs. I’m not quite sure what other people refer to it as but I call it square stippling. I first used this pattern here. The square stippling was done in blue.

Here’s the finished Dragon Quilt.

IMG_0171 IMG_0111 IMG_0094 IMG_0198Thank you Deb for trusting me with your creation.

Vital Statistics:

  • Size: 59 1/4 x 70 1/2
  • Amount of time it took to quilt: 3 1/2 hours
  • # of Stitches: 104,282
  • Thread: Perma Core Blue

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