Sleep Eludes Me


As I sit here writing this post its 12:30 AM.

Every night I crawl into bed with the hope of falling asleep. Most often I easily drift off into slumber-land. There are those times when that just isn’t the case. No matter how hard I try to relax it just doesn’t work. On those nights I quietly slip out of bed and carefully make my way through the maze of obstacles to our basement stairs. After ascending the thirteen steps to our lower level I head straight for my studio. This is my favorite destination because there’s always something to do. It’s also far enough from our bedroom that any noise or light my nighttime wandering might generate should go unnoticed by my soundly sleeping partner.

Once inside I turn on the light and carefully close the door. With the door securely closed I am free to do just about anything. I’ve even been known to start-up my long-arm quilt machine. Any project that can help me relax and settle down is fair game. If I’m lucky it only takes thirty minutes to an hour before I start to feel the much wanted feeling of fatigue. Once I reach that point it’s time once again to give sleep another try. Most often I’m successful. The only sad part is that missing sleep will inevitably leave me with less energy the next day. Hopefully the pattern doesn’t repeat itself and I’m able to make up for the lack of adequate sleep.

Good Night!

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