Long Lost


Do you ever have thoughts dancing inside your head just waiting to be released? Their collective existence creates a melody. The longer they wait the louder the song. When finally allowed to burst forth, they spill out, all over your page, in rapid succession.

I often find myself in this situation. It can happen at anytime and any place. Because I know I’m prone to these attacks I try carrying a journal with me, but that’s not always practical. Not having my journal doesn’t mean a story won’t materialize. If I find my creative thoughts itching to come out I reach for anything I can write on. I’ve been known to use the backs of old envelopes, napkins, receipts, even a brown paper grocery bag.

The challenge to utilizing these scraps or unconventional resources is maintaining their existence. I have a pocket in my purse that is home to all sorts of receipts and important papers. If I’m traveling and in need of a place to stash my tidbits, that pocket is where I will file it.

The words that make up this post were originally scratched out on a scrap of paper and later sandwiched between the pages of my red notebook for safekeeping. For whatever reason the spiral bound notebook was left undisturbed for weeks on end. When recently packing my belongings for a trip to my Little Cabin in the Woods I came across the red notebook and decided to add it to my tote bag.

One day, when looking for paper to journal my thoughts, the red notebook caught my eye. I grabbed the notebook, mostly out of curiosity, wondering what might be inside. As I turned the pages a small scrap of paper slipped out. On that paper were the beginnings of this post. As I read through my previously penned thoughts a smile appeared on my face. It was like a long-lost friend had been found. Although I had lost touch with them for a while we were once again reunited. The seeds that had been planted so long ago were now ready to bloom. How wonderful it is to now share them with you.

Thanks for listening!

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