You’ve Got to be Kidding!

IMG_0216I’m participating in the WordPress Blogging 101 challenge. The class runs through the entire month of August. Some of the lessons and things that I learn will be shared with you and some will not. Those items will take place behind the scenes and will not be evident to you.

So far I have successfully completed assignment number one. Today I am turning my attention to the next lesson. Day Two of the Blogging 101 adventure really presented a challenge for me. My blog has been in existence since 2013. I’ve had the same title and tagline since it’s inception.

  • In A Stitch Quilting
  • Professional Long-Arm Quilter

Both were chosen because of the name and nature of my business. Changing either one seemed absolutely out of the question. How could I make a change and yet not lose my identity.

Even though the idea seemed absurd the assignment really got me thinking. I spent the better part of the day mulling over the idea in my head. When my husband arrived home from work I bounced the assignment off him. He at first wasn’t too sure about making a change but then his dry sense of humor kicked in. Suggestion after suggestion began rolling off his tongue like water out of a tap. Given his nature for crazy ideas I must confess at best they received a quick chuckle from me and then were instantly dismissed. I even tried enlisting the help of my adult children but received little or no response. So finally I decided I needed to take a serious look at my blog, on my own.

As stated above, the primary reason for my blog was the promotion of my long-arm quilting business. Since its inception I have focused the majority of my posts on the details relating to the pursuit of my craft. However, just like a bowl of spaghetti, my life is a maze of intertwined activities. Maintaining a blog that left out the other facets of me became increasingly difficult. Eventually my personal life began to creep into my writing. While their inclusion has not become the main focus of my posts I think their addition has made my blog feel much more rounded. After analyzing my blog and the direction I would like it to take, I decided a change was in order.

Once I had overcome the mental obstacle prohibiting me from making a change it was time to start pondering how best to convey my new focus. The assignment suggested making a list of the words that best described your blog so I did just that. The more I wrote the more I sensed a new theme.

I want my readers to know that I am not just a professional long-arm quilter. I am a well-rounded quilter with stories to tell and a life to share. I want them to know the whole me. The good, the bad, the ugly. In presenting a more all-inclusive approach I hope to develop a blog that is more inviting…a place to call home.

So, after hours of reflection I decided to make a change. My URL,, will remain the same because I don’t want to lose that connection. My blog’s title and tagline, however, are not. The new title and tagline are, as you can see from above

  • A Quilter’s Corner
  • Creating Memories One Stitch At A Time

I am well aware that change is difficult but don’t worry! I am still the same person providing the same quality long-arm quilting services. I’m just allowing myself to spread my wings.

Thanks for visiting with me today. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!

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12 thoughts on “You’ve Got to be Kidding!

  1. Well stated. It’s hard to change the things we’ve become so attached to, even though they are just words.

    I don’t quilt but like your writing style so I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

    1. It is! It’s like they become a part of your identity, the one thing that’s constant, or stable. 😎

  2. I found you on Blogging 101 – I have just started my sewing journey and am working on my first ever quilt! It’s a baby quilt so with just square blocks, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Anyway, I was excited to find someone blogging about sewing, so I am definitely following you! 🙂

    1. Well, awesome! I’m glad you found me. If you need help with making your quilt don’t hesitate to ask away. I would love to help you in any way I can. Oh, and btw I found your new blog and signed up to follow it. Best of luck to you!

    1. Greetings to you too! I really enjoy meeting all these new people. Many of whom I would never have met without this opportunity. I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. I like your new tagline! I think a little personal life should creep into writing as it is who we are beyond being crafters! Looking forward to reading what you get from your lessons on the course.

    1. Thank you! It’s always good to get feedback from other people. I’m enjoying reading your blog.

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