Fragrances in the Air

IMG_5673My Little Cabin in the Woods has been the topic of several postings. Today’s entry is another one in that series. My topic of interest is the memories or experiences  detected by my sense of smell.

While living in the woods one is exposed to, or graced by a multitude of fragrances. Some of them are natural to the area and some are not. Some are pleasant and some are not.

On the natural and pleasant side is the strong scent emanating from the towering pines that surround me, the spell of moist earth, the perfumed fragrance of the abundant flowers and the fresh aroma of the forest just after a rainfall. Staying yet in the pleasing category I would also add the enjoyable experience of wood burning in a campfire as well as the fragrance of cooking food.

IMG_0363When thinking of those experiences that would be unpleasant I could only think of two. The scent emitted by a skunk and the undesired, nose pinching odor of sewage being pumped from my Little Cabin in the Woods. Both of them I would much rather avoid.

Whether pleasant or undesired, smells are everywhere. The way in which we react to them is different for each one of us.. Even though there are some things I would rather not experience I am grateful that my sense of smell is intact. My life is much richer because of it.

5 thoughts on “Fragrances in the Air

  1. I feel we humans have this liking and disliking towards certain smells because they’re either advantageous or harmful for our organism. 🙂

    Have you observed that if you keep smelling nice scents for a while saturation reaches and then we can’t smell them, whereas, in case of foul smells they never get saturated.

    I have always wondered why?

    Have a nice week my friend 🙂


    1. I think you have a very interesting theory. I will have to test it sometime. You have a wonderful week as well! 🙂

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