Memory Quilt # 1 for Jason

One of the creative ladies that frequently requests my longarm quilting services recently sent me a message. One of her friends had lost a loved one to brain cancer. Being the thoughtful person that she is Deb felt a tugging on her heart to design two memory quilts; one for the mother and one for the wife. Waiting on my shelf for its turn at quilting was a quilt top Deb had already made for another very lucky recipient. Deb’s message was a request to bump these two new quilts in front of that one. As luck would have it I was just about to start quilting it so her timing couldn’t have been better.

Both quilts were assembled using tee-shirts formerly worn by the loved one. The first to be loaded on my machine was the quilt for the mother. For this quilt I used an all-over swirl pattern. I chose this stitch because of the fabric Deb used as sashing between the tee-shirts. Here’s how Deb’s first memory quilt turned out.

IMG_8316 IMG_8315 IMG_8314 IMG_8312 IMG_8311 IMG_8232 IMG_8221

Vital Statistics:

  • Size of Quilt Top – 67″ x 73.25″
  • Time Spent Quilting – 3 hours 50 minutes
  • # of Quilting Stitches Applied – 169,671
  • Quilting Stitch Used – All-Over Swirls
  • Color or Thread Used – Omni Sesame Seed

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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