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IMG_7639_ffWelcome to Friday Favorites!

Once again I have the privilege of sharing with you another one of my favorite things.  Today’s favorite sewing gadget is the Sew Steady Portable Table.  I purchased my table several months ago from Nancy’s Notions.  When searching the internet you will find this table available from many other vendors.  I just happen to like dealing with Nancy’s Notions so I chose to purchase my table from them.

What’s a Sew Steady Portable Table?

Not all of us are lucky enough own a cabinet custom fit to our free-arm sewing machines.  Since we too would like to have the extended work space provided by a custom cabinet there is an option available.  That option is the Sew Steady Portable Table.

  • Sew Steady Portable Tables are constructed from 1/4″ Plexiglas (TM) with smooth beveled edges.
  • Each table is custom-made to fit your machine.
  • The table comes with removable adjustable legs.
  • Each leg can be independently raised or lowered to accommodate your table surface.
  • Just like the name says the Sew Steady Portable Table can be transported to where ever you are sewing.  This makes it especially wonderful for traveling.
  • The tables come in three sizes:  11.5″ x 15″, 18″ x 24″ and 24″ x 24″
  • Also available is a Sew Steady Portable Table Travel Bag
  • The travel bag comes in either 20″ x 26″ or 26″ x 26″
  • Each bag has an outside pocket for storing your table legs.
  • The bag is made from heavy nylon fabric and is padded with foam to protect your table.

I highly recommend the table as well as the travel bag.  I can’t imagine sewing without the table and I’ve used my travel bag on many an occasion.  In fact I took both of them with me when we traveled to my Little Cabin in the Woods..  Do a little research and see for yourself just how handy these two items can be.

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Disclaimer:  I do not in any way receive compensation from the manufacturer of the Sew Steady Portable Table, the Sew Steady Portable Travel Bag or Nancy’s Notions.  The recommendations I make are a result of my own personal exposure to these products.  Your experience or satisfaction may or may not be the same as mine.

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  1. I like your table extension. I have one that was made by Husqvarna to go with my Viking#1+ sewing machine. It wasn’t quite as big as I wanted, so a couple of years ago my husband helped me make a bigger one out of fiberboard. It works for me for now.

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