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Finding Time

If you are like me, it’s very hard to find time to regularly attend monthly quilt guild meetings. Six months out of the year I spend the majority of my days at my Little Cabin In The Woods or visiting friends and relatives. Being away so often makes it darn near impossible to experience a monthly meeting.

Sweet Tooth Mini Quilt
Sweet Tooth Mini Quilt

On-Line Quilt Group

While reading a post from one of my favorite blogs, Canoe Ridge Creations, I found a link to an online quilt group. The group is organized and presented by Patchwork Posse. The structure is similar to that of a typical quilt group with one exception, it meets online.

Membership Includes

With your membership you get:


24/7 Access To:

  • group activities
  • patterns
  • topics
  • block of the month
  • sew-alongs
  • swaps, etc.
  • private Facebook group
  • community and forum

Great Way To

  • polish up your skills
  • meet new designers
  • share your accomplishments
  • find inspiration
To join or find more information follow this Patchwork Posse Quilt Group. The fee for membership is $35 per twelve month period.

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