A New Iron

A Faithful Tool

Since the early 1990’s I have been using a Rowenta iron. I chose the iron at the urging of my quilt teacher. She was a huge fan of this particular brand and model. Not having a lot of experience with different irons I decided to heed her advice. The iron, at that time, was a huge purchase for me. It was above and beyond what I would typically spend for a piece of equipment like this.

Signs of Age

My Rowenta iron has been my faithful assistant for at least 20 years. Given the longevity of today’s throw-away merchandise I think this is rather remarkable. It almost seems a shame to replace it but it’s time has come. My reliable pal has begun showing signs of age. Of the most bothersome is the random dripping. Now I know irons are meant to release steam but not in large quantities.

IMG_9013_newGood Enough For Me

Received in the mail the other day was my brand new iron from Black & Decker called the Digital Advantage. Typically I spend a great deal of time researching the internet before making a purchase but I didn’t in this case. My oldest daughter already has one and she absolutely loves it. Her satisfaction with a product is good enough for me. Besides, I know she goes above and beyond my research techniques before she spends her hard-earned money.


IMG_9017_newI’m Impressed

After owning my iron for only a short time I can already tell you I’m quite pleased. I’m especially impressed with the way it glides as smooth-as-silk over fabric and the speed with which it heats up. To say that I would like this iron to last as long as my Rosenta would be true but at my age I’m not certain I have that much longevity left. It’s quite possible the iron will outlast me.

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