Friday Favorites: My Quilt Teacher

IMG_7639_ffWelcome to Friday Favorites.  This week’s focus is my very first quilt teacher.

Are you up for a short quiz?  If the answer’s yes then lets proceed.  Thinking about your current craft, hobby, passion or occupation answer the following questions:

1.  What was the spark that kindled the flame?

2.  Was it a person, place or thing?

3.  Does that catalyst still influence your direction?

4.  If it was a person have you ever shared their impact?

If you’re like me, then your passion was influenced by a person.  Back in 1992 I signed up for my very first quilting class.  The instructor was Ruth Dietzman.  Ruth was a very kind and patient person.  Two project choices were offered for our selection.  The class project I chose was the Strip Bow Quilt found in “Template Free Quiltmaking” by Trudy Hughes.  According to Trudy’s website the book is no longer in print.  I however still have my copy along with my class enrollment form and a letter from Ruth Dietzman.  See the pictures below.

My quilt hangs on a wall in my sewing room.

The planting of that seedling in 1992 brought forth years and years of quilting enjoyment.  Thank you Ruth Dietzman for your time, patience and inspiration.  The rest is history.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Friday Favorites.  Come on back next Friday for another installment.

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